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Jorge Luis González Quijano

Information Technology Development and Implementation


Picture of Jorge Luis Gonzalez Quijano.
Jorge L. González Q. 11/06/07.
Over twenty years of diverse management experience in Information Technology, Education and Healthcare services, with the ability to develop and implement IT plans that achieve strategic goals. I am a creator and promoter of computer technology to develop educational and healthcare services and always looking for new solutions. I have demonstrated success developing, implementing, managing and maintaining web solutions, databases, programming, cloud services, networking, data analysis, hardware, software and internet technology, providing IT support in educational and healthcare organizations. Solid management skills and strengths that have allowed me to be part of projects where I have been the link and bond between educators, administrators, clinicians and IT, in search of new technologies and integration of old ones, in order to produce highly efficient and comprehensive systems. I have been responsible for integrating platforms such as IOS, Windows and Linux/Ubuntu based to solve and facilitate the organizational process of educational and clinical services. Well organized, proven ability to develop and implement standards, procedures and processes. I am self-started, disciplined, confident, goal oriented and extremely creative. Bilingual (Spanish and English).

Project Management

Proposal projects click to view

Proposals are written using water fall or agile methodology
Due to my interest on researching and exploring new applications, I have written and implemented many projects using different program management strategies, for example research labs, tech labs, teacher planning rooms, conference rooms, video surveillance systems, network, wireless infrastructure, etc.


Online Therapy Portable Applications Software for Administration Software for Communication Clinical Software
Educational Software Software for Vocational settings

Online Therapy

Online Therapy System click to view

Online Therapy System designed,built and maintained through its lifecycle for 5 years.

Solution PTL click to view

PTL software.
The Online Therapy System was designed, developed and maintained for the National Autonomous University of Mexico in order to deliver Psychological treatment to students from the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programs. The system allows to have online sessions using video cameras and the creation of the clinical file. It was also designed to give feedback and follow up to the professionals in order to create a collaborative approach.

Portable Applications

CE programing click to view

Example of portable applications of more robust solutions.
Most of the software solutions that I have developed, have been also built for portable solutions such as tablets, cellphones and other devices.

Software for Administration

Administration Software click to view

Example of a Data Base system for the Administration of Clinical and Educational Settings
This software was designed as a database solution for the Administration and management of all the Educational and Clinical strategies of the entire company. This software is able to manage the Incident Report System, help on the development of IEPs and STOs, Curriculum design, Online training capabilities, solutions for ABA graphs, etc.

Communication Boards

Communicaiton Boards click to view

Example of a software solution to run a communication board on a portable device with text to speech engine.
I have developed communication devices such as prototypes on portable computers, tablets and cellphones using multimedia solutions and text to speech technology.

Clinical Software

Clinical Software click to view

Example of SIPEICE in it's VPN version to manage clinical and behavioral interventions.
SIPEICE is a software that runs in a client version and VPN solution. It was designed to manage all the Clinical and Behavioral Interventions needed for Neuro-Behavioral rehabilitation. The system manages the file of the client including Intakes, Interviews, Clinical History, Neuro, Psychiatry and/or Psychological evaluations, helping on the development of the treatment and graphs for the follow-up.

Educational Software

Educational Software click to view

Example of a virtual environment to teach computer skills such as filling, clicking and typing to students with developmental disabilities.

Educational Software click to view

Example of a virtual puzzle to train right-left discrimination to students with developmental disabilities.
I have developed educational software for rehabilitation and educational purposes. The software uses multimedia and record keeping for research purposes.

Software for Vocational Settings

Vocational Software click to view

Example of a Cashier System that was developed with communication capabilities for users with developmental disabilities to help them train and work as cashiers at a convenience store.
I have designed and implemented software like POS systems, cashier software, real time capture database, virtual environments, among others.


Automation Process

Automation Process

Scripting or Process click to view

Scripting or Process click to view

I have used several languages for automation process like vbscripts,apple scripts, autohotkey,shell scripting, etc.
Many processes on the support and maintenance areas on the IT environment benefit from automation. I have created very simple GUI in order to allow applications to run, update download and backup and for server, security and monitor process.

Network Infrastructure

Wireless Infrastructure Network Cabling installation IP Video Infrastructure E-Time Devices Tablets Deployment

Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless Infraestructure click to view

Example of a wireless set up at group homes and other facilities.
Design, Implementation and Maintenance with wireless infrastructure devices, from hotspots, access points, and cellular boosters. All of them on different VLANs and other distribution schemes.

Network Cabling Installation

Network Cabeling click to view

Some Examples of network cabling installation
I have completed cabling installation for network, phones (landlines), IP devices like video cameras and central power configurations.

IP Video Infrastructure

Video Installation click to view

Example of IP video infrastructure installation

Video Server click to view

Video Server connecting all the IP Cameras.
Experience planning, designing and installing video surveillance systems, server management and maintenance. I have used the system to do forensics, video training and multimedia libraries.

E-Time Devices

E-Time Devices click to view

E-Time Device for Attendance and Pay Roll process.
Experience installing, setting up, programming, maintaining and trouble shooting e-time devices and payroll software reporting.

Ipad Deployment

Ipad devices click to view

iPad deployment using chargers and containers.
Experience deploying a high volume of tablets and other portable devices such as iPhones, Android phones, etc. using Configurator, iTunes, and Volume Purchasing Program. Provide support to some locations around USA and managed an environment of almost 300 devices.

Staff Management

Tools for Management

Tools for Management

Staff Management Tools click to view

Example of tools developed under web design and offered as cloud services.
Experience supervising up to 50 employees and as a consultant I have supervised the creation and/or IT solutions of 10 companies. I developed a management tool know as SIPEICEnet which contains calendars, notes, check lists, training, chat, video supervision, among other project management tools. Through the development of web cloud services I have been able, using SIPEICEnet, to supervise remotely the generation of tools that help the organizational management of employees and consultants.


Prototypes Research

Prototypes Research

Research on Prototypes click to view

Example of a research that was presented on academic forums.

Results for Presentations click to view

Example of results presented in a peer review committee.
Almost all the prototypes that I have designed and tested have been presented on academic forums to share the results and the technology.

Server Management

Active Directory Managment click to view

Active Directory Management System

Servers Deployment click to view

Servers being deployed.
I have built, managed and maintained servers Windows and Linux Based. Experience managing Security, Group Policy, set file servers, web servers, SSL, application servers, printer servers and multimedia centers for several organizations.

Internet Technology

Blogs YouTube Channels


Blogger click to view

Example of a Blog being Administrated.
As a head of a consultant company many efforts have been done to use different tools available in order to help companies achieve their mission. In the Educational and Clinical field, social forums are important. I have been able to set, maintain and contribute with written articles to some of these forums.here is an example.


Youtube Channels click to view

Set up of YouYube channels
Several e-commerce tools have been set up. Youtube is a tool that I have used to set up promotional campaigns, set up training repositories, use of an off-line radio program this is an example.

Website Development

Web-Based Solutions Web Databases

Web-Based Solutions

Web base solutions click to view

Example of proposals of Web Design Solutions
I have specialized on how to transfer VPN or client-based solutions into Web-Based solutions. Many of the systems proposed are based on creating Database Manager Systems with flat file management, but also I have deployed MySql environments.

Web Databases

Web databases click to view

Example of proposals for Web Databases Solutions
During my career, the development and design of databases have been a central part of my day to day job. I have designed different databases that are web-based for schools and clinical settings. This developments use different strategies to create organizational tools for teachers to help them build IEP, STOs, Lesson Plans, electronic exercises, curriculum development, Self Instructional tools among other implementations.

Database Design and Storage Management

Database Solutions Migration Database Management System ISO, Image Backups

Database Solutions

Database Solutions click to view

Example of database implementation.
Experience working with different databases like Filemaker, SQL, MySQL, Access, DBase. I have developed Database Managers working with Flat Files. With all the deployments with databases I have done the scripting, GUI, etc.


Migration example click to view

Example of a Database Migration from a Network Type into a Relational Type using Filemaker.
In many projects I have collaborated until the end of the lifecycle of some products and helped with the migration process.

Database Management Systems

Database Management Systems click to view

Example of a Database Management System built and designed for Educational and Clinical Data Management.
This is the Database Management System solution built and designed for Clinical and Educational Programs that seeks to provide rehabilitation services for children with developmental disabilities and brain injury.

Database Management Systems

ISO Bottable click to view

Example of a Software use to create ISO files, Images and Bootable CDs and USB.
Restoring devices on the fly is important in a production center. I have design repositories on the network or portable usb and cd where we can use to boot computers and devices in order to restore OS. This repositories have been built on the network to facilitate the recovery of systems, as well as portable solutions.

Cloud Computing

Integration Technology

Integration Technology

Integration of Different Technologies click to view

Example of the integration of Google Docs into the IT Management Team.
I use cloud systems as much as I can integrating them into the services model from the IT department, and we encourage users to implement them as a factor to strength the organizations. I have used Google Docs, Adobe cloud solutions, ITTF cloud systems, backup services among others.

Strategy and Policy

Site Documentation Security Policies Policies Procedures

Site Documentation

Strategy and IT Policies click to view

Documents of the Strategy and Policy for the IT management.
The development of documentation of the sites have been a very strong skill as IT manager. I have developed documents and repositories where all the documentation of the site is available for the IT support team. This document contains the strategy for maintenance, standard configurations, agreements, backup plans, schedules, check list, recovery and disaster plans, security plan, and confidentiality procedures.

Security Policies

Security Policies click to view

Example of a security procedure
I have developed, written and reviewed security policies for the site, as well as backup, recovery and run the disaster recovery drills in some companies.

Policies and Procedures

Policie and Procedures click to view

Example of Policies and Procedures of a Non-Profit Organization.
During my professional life, I have written Policies and Procedures Manuals, as a consultant for many profit and non-profit companies, and also for companies where I have been the founder or co-founder.




Tutorials click to view

Example of a web repository, built to deploy trainings to different companies.
Creation of tutorials, online training, supervision, and remote support are very strong skills. I designed a system used as repository of many tools for training purposes. I have developed several multimedia tools, web-based trainings and I use skype and team viewer as primary tools for this purpose.

Digital Learning

Electronic Boards click to view

SMART board i-Rover
Deployment of mobile and fixed SMART board solutions have been implemented from purchasing up to the set up. Portable computers have been set up specially with software and resources from the network in order to empower teachers for a better display of lesson plans. Several repositories have been developed with interactive tools for the curriculum.

Troubleshooting Proficiency

Example of a tutorial click to view

Example of Tutorials
I manage troubleshooting with research and having hands on the technology to practice. I have have developed a very unique set of skills to help and support users with their problems, bring up solutions and teach users on how to use the technology. I also think that troubleshooting should come with teaching and transferring the knowledge and I am good building tutorials, white papers, video modelling strategies, scripting and remote tools for support. I have created online services where I developed tools for training and support. As a consultant I deliver IT solutions online using a system of my own design.

Budgeting and Resource Management

Budget Management

Budget Management

Budget Planning click to view

Example of budget planning.
I have been the principal responsible of budgeting and creating strategic planning for IT projects at a non-profit organizations. I have written research projects and have been approved for private companies and government funds.

Quality Improvement

Virtual Models Forensics Reporting Improvements

Virutal Models

Model FlexSim click to view

Using Virtual Model System to test Ticket System.
Many different solutions have been introduced to different companies in order to facilitate and improve their services, improve performance and investigate solutions. I have implemented monitor systems, database report strategies, modelling, virtual environments and generate several scripting or software solutions for clinical and educational settings, finance, organizational management, research, fund raising and Business Strategy.


forensics and investigation click to view

Breaches on security, investigations on log systems and intrusion detection
I have performed some types of forensics, investigations and detection procedures. We have use video surveillance systems, researched on logs, monitor websites for intrusion, and have implemented scripting to help with database breaches.

Reporting Improvements

Reporting Improvements click to view

Example of Reporting Solutions and Proposals for Quality Improvement of Services or Infrastructure.
All the solutions for Quality Improvement are assessed and written. Scope is provided and documentation on follow up and measures of the impact of the solutions and a maintenance are created.

IT Support

Ticket Systems Equipment Management Remote Tools Email Managment

Ticket Systems

Spyworks click to view

Among several applications SpiceWorks have been fully implemented
Ticket Systems have been implemented like SpiceWorks. Also reports and analysis have been done in order to perform better as part of manager role. I also have developed software that keeps the flow of request from users added with Chat follow ups and remote strategies.

Equipment Management

Equipment Management click to view

Example of Dell Kace solutions as a Mobile Device Management.

Equipment Management click to view

Example of Goto Assist solution as a Device Management.
I have used different equipment management systems, Dell Kace, Meraki, SpiceWorks among others. I have implemented the environment and supervised deployments and given support for maintenance procedures.

Remote Tools

Remote Tools click to view

Example of Remote tools like Team Viewer.

Remote Tools Meraki click to view

Example of Remote tools with Meraki.

Management Tools Meraki click to view

Example of Management Tools with Meraki
Some remote tools have been used in order to give support to users on different environments that I have been in charge. Among them I have used Team Viewer, GoTo Assist and Meraki MDM.

Email Management

Email Management click to view

Example of Email Management and Support.
Experience with different email systems from deployment to support the end user. I have implemented First Class, Exchange, Endora among others. I have set up a group of collaboration tools, messaging, IP solutions and several scripting procedures to enhance products and procedures.

MAC and PC Support



Hardware Support click to view

Hardware Maintenance
Services given to laptops and desktops either PC or MAC platforms. I have experience changing memory, HDD, CD-DVD drives, motherboards and trouble shoot hardware problems. I also have built computers and video systems.

Educational IT Solutions

Design of Curriculum Animation Library deployment

Curriculum Design

curriculum example click to view

curriculum example click to view

Design of Curriculum
Author and co-author of curriculum designs for special education schools, offering services to students with Brain Injury and Developmental Disabilities. This applications have been also used in Universities and non-profit organizations to train professionals on how to use these implementations. Several repositories, file servers, and web servers have been set up so the curriculum is available on line to create Individualized Educational Plans.


Animation Example click to view

Animation Example click to view

Using Avatars to help on educational solutions and training development
I have used animation, avatars, video modelling techniques with video and audio, and other multimedia tools in order to develop training materials, dissemination of research and for an off-line radio station. Here is an example .

Library Deployment

Library Deployments click to view

Library Deployment with 10 computers, a multimedia center and a database system.

Teacher Planning Room click to view

Teacher Planning rooms with network connections, printer server solutions and central scanner devices.
Experience setting up different departments around schools like libraries, teacher planning rooms, file servers for curriculum and other type of special projects. I have designed, deployed and maintained the projects.

Clinical IT Solutions

Distance Learning Tech Labs IP Cameras

Distance Learning

Conferences for Distance Learning Centers click to view

Distance Learning Facilities and Support for Remote Conferences
I have set up different distance learning facilities with podiums, audio systems, video systems, projectors and teleconference devices. I have given support setting up conferences with GoTo meeting and Team Viewer. Many of the assistance on building these scenarios have been focused on training and dissemination of clinical and educational research.

Tech Labs

Tech Labs design click to view

Design, Implementation, Management and Support of Tech Labs
Different tech labs and central point access for group teams have been designed, implemented, managed and supported. Many of the deployments have been oriented to schools and clinical facilities and the complexity of the services they provide vary from project to project.

IP Cameras

Tech Labs design click to view

IP Camera solutions for research and educational purposes.
Different solutions had been deployed using IP Cameras and portable monitors in order to do research or create video catalogues that are use later on to build educational training materials.


Management of IP Phones Communication Apps Assistance System Communication Boards Skype and Transmitters

Management of IP Phones

IP phones click to view

Management of IP phones
Experience managing digital and IP phone systems. My experience has been giving solutions, wiring the patch panel, providing management to the central device, maintaining the voice mail and configuration of the extensions.

Communication Apps

Communication APPS

Communication APPS

Viber, Whatsapp and Skype
I have used different communication applications for massive deployments and set up groups of collaboration for staff members and administrative personnel.

Assistance System

Using wireless access point for location click to view

System developed to ask for help while behavioural crisis are taking place.
A personal interestI is to experiment with new technologies, in order to help projects fulfil their mission. I have developed several prototypes such as electronic designs, software or infrastructure solutions and software. This project uses wireless access points and a transmitter which pin point location of the signal and sends a warning signal through the phone system and computers. This prototype was used to help staff members to safe deliver clinical and educational interventions to students with developmental disabilities.

Communication Boards

Communication Boards click to view

Example of some communication boards.
I have designed Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) in order to use tablets and keyboards to allow users to communicate by text using Text to speech technology. These communication boards help on communication training so students can use devices in order to maximize their opportunities at schools, vocational settings and community.

Skype and Transmitters

Skype and Transmitters click to view

Example of electronics interfaces and VOIP solutions.
Many projects that I have worked for, build educational and clinical services for the users with special needs. Due to their disabilities, teachers and clinicians experience emergency situations that need communication solutions to keep them safe. This development was designed in order to use a walkie talkie connected with an interface that allows the use of skype to let clinicians give feedback to teachers working at residential services.